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From Bette Slater 24/08/06
I recently visited Afan Argoed Country Park to see the live video film of the nest of one of the most rare birds of prey in Britain - the Honey Buzzard. It was marvellous to see the development of 2 chicks both of which now leave the nest and return there to feed. Thanks to everyone involved in organising this wonderful exhibition.

The presence in our area of such rare birds is exciting and they certainly need protection. At the same time it is worrying because their existence could be threatened by the blades of wind turbines. These turbines are called "bird mincers" by lovers of birds and there is evidence to support this.

We must fight against any more wind farms being built in our area. Ffynnon Oer Wind Farm is more than enough of a threat to our wildlife and it certainly spoils the landscape of the Upper Afan Valley.

Bette Slater
From Adrian Reynolds 11/04/06
Where as we all see the need for renewable energy sources for the future, it seems like a knee-jerk reaction is taking place throughout Britain planting forests of windmills in rural areas. Glyncorrwg has had horrendous unemployment to contend with since the colliery closed over 30 years ago. It has recently seen a small revival of employment from the tourist industry with the regeneration of parts of the valley. This industry has the potential to grow into a substantial employer for the people of Glyncorrwg and the Afan valley. However 300 and 400 foot windmills are not going to enhance what is in effect one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. When you pick an area such as Wales for a holiday do you want to see miles of wind farms from your hotel or B&B? I think not. I do not want to sound like a member of the NIMBY brigade but in Ireland they have wind farm offshore in the sea where an almost constant supply of wind is guaranteed. It is the right of the people of Glyncorrwg to make this protest and they should have the final say in what goes in their Valley, after all it's their Home.

Adrian Reynolds