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Keep view pleasant 27/09/07 Western Mail
Wind farm fear 06/09/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Turbine landslide concerns 06/09/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Don't spoil the view 03/09/07 South Wales Evening Post
Information shows no understanding 29/08/07 Western Mail
Turbines would strike tourism business 29/08/07 Western Mail
Poll refutes claims for wind farms 29/08/07 Western Mail
Question developer 28/08/07 Western Mail
Who says it's so? 28/08/07 Western Mail
Just 1% from wind 27/08/07 Western Mail
Where's the evidence on wind farm claims? 23/08/07 Western Mail
Help us fight turbines 21/08/07 South Wales Evening Post
Film spoilers 20/08/07 Western Mail
Objectionable act 20/08/07 Western Mail
Blight to no purpose 20/08/07 Western Mail
Wind farm worry right 20/08/07
Landslide Danger 08/08/07 Western Mail
Wind farm footprint 27/07/07 Western Mail
Village defies wind farm 12/07/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Alter turbine rules 07/07/07 Western Mail
Save energy not more generators 05/07/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
We will not be blown over 28/06/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Roll over? Not us, ever 21/06/07 South Wales Evening Post
Windfarm will cut house prices 21/06/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
How much more for Afan Valley? 21/06/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Turbines about cash 20/06/07 Western Mail
Turbines are like mines 14/06/07 South Wales Evening Post
Turbines and house prices 14/06/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Letter 09/06/07 South Wales Evening Post
Wind farm fight 09/06/07 Western Mail
'Anger and Discord' at turbines 07/06/07 Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Please, no wind farm 01/06/07 Western Mail

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