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Wind farms 'are failing to generate the predicted amount of electricity' Web Link 10/12/06 Telegraph News Article
Swan takes fatal turn Web Link
News Article - image of "bird mincer"
Wind farms: an Action Network briefing Web Link 24/04/06 BBC - Action Network
Councillors scale back wind farms Web Link 20/04/06 BBC News Online Article. Highlands.
Fight against wind farm continues Web Link 19/04/06 BBC News Online Article. Lincolnshire.
UK offshore wind 'at crossroads' Web Link 04/04/06 BBC News Online Article
Call for suspension of wind farms Web Link 22/03/06 BBC News Online Article. Highlands.
Giant wind farm plan thrown out Web Link 02/03/06 BBC News Online Article. Cumbria.
Wind farm staff influenced vote Web Link 23/02/06 BBC News Online Article. Manchester.
Councillor given wind energy ban Web Link 14/02/06 BBC News Online Article. Mid Wales.
Coastal wind farm tourism fears Web Link 09/02/06 BBC News Online Article. North-west Wales.
Eagle worry over new wind farms Web Link 28/01/06 BBC News Online Article. Scotland.
Windfarm working after blade snap Web Link 16/01/06 BBC News Online Article. Cornwall.
Engineers to inspect fire turbine Web Link 03/01/06 BBC News Online Article. Sunderland.
Blazing turbine falls into field Web Link 23/12/05 BBC News Online Article. Sunderland.
'Biggest wind farm' postponed Web Link 05/12/05 BBC News Online Article. Wales.
'Tallest' wind farm plan unveiled Web Link 21/11/05 BBC News Online Article. Mid Wales.
Note that the proposed Corrwg Fechan turbines would be nearly 40ft taller than the "country's tallest turbines" described in this article.
Call for offshore windfarms Web Link 02/03/03 BBC News Online Article. Devon and Cornwall.
Note that in this article, 240-320ft wind turbines are referred to as “monsters”. Perhaps then the 400ft turbines proposed for Corrwg Fechan should be termed “super-monsters.”
Turbines are not for rural borough Newspaper Article 28/11/02 Newspaper article from previous wind farm application.

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