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Keep view pleasant

SIR - Does your street name match the reality of the street?

I live in Glyncorrwg and there is a street called Commercial Street. When my parents were young, there were seven shops, two pubs and one chapel in that street. So the name Commercial Street was very suitable. Times have changed and now there is only one shop but the name still stays.

I live in a street called Pleasant View and there is certainly a wonderful view from our street. We look over the church to a beautiful hill called Corrwg Fechan. It is on this hill that Eco2 is proposing to build a windfarm with four turbines 410ft high, as high as a 40-storey office block. How can this be allowed to happen? This area is definitely an area of outstanding natural beauty and it must be protected for future generations. Come to Glyncorrwg and see for yourselves what we are trying to save.

People who used to live in my street, Pleasant View, should never have to face an ugly industrial development. Do not allow Glyncorrwg to be spoiled by this proposal.

Pleasant View, Glyncorrwg, Port Talbot.

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 27/09/07