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Information shows no understanding

SIR – With respect, but I really do have to object to the misinformation being put out by Llywelyn Rhys of the BWEA.

What is he on about when he states, “That all energy technologies are intermittent and that is why the National Grid relies on a mix of generation sources.”

Has he absolutely no understanding of the power producing industry? Is he trying to say a fossil fuelled or nuclear power station is no better than wind generation in terms of intermittency?

Indeed, wind generation, for a guaranteed supply, relies almost totally on back-up by conventional power stations.

I have to stifle a laugh when he states that many of the claims made by wind farm opponents are unsubstantiated. I am afraid the boot is on the other foot – anyone with a modicum of grey matter can easily research and determine the ineffectiveness and the complete madness of large scale wind generation.

Boncath, Pembrokeshire.

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 29/08/07