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SIR – With reference to the recent planning application by ECO2 to build a wind farm in the heart of Glyncorrwg village in the upper Afan valley.

On ECO2’s website it states that one of the benefits of the turbines will be the ability to use them as an educational resource for local schools.

Presumably the lessons to be learned will be fourfold:

1. How to vivisect large numbers of rare birds.

2. How to change a once-beautiful landscape into an eyesore and essentially “scupper” the application for Glyncorrwg to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

3. Demonstrate how to impose noise pollution on a peaceful and unsuspecting rural environment.

4. How to take some misguided legislation (TAN8), undertake a cost-benefit analysis and ensure that company profits are protected, circumvent previously good planning principles and practices, and then impose the solution on the local populace without any consultation with the local community stakeholders.

I hope that your readers will use all their powers to resist the imposition of these monstrosities upon thriving, but small, communities so that an intelligent discussion can take place before we destroy the valleys again.

Manor Estate, Templogue, Dublin.

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 28/08/07