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Where’s the evidence on wind farm claims?

SIR – In response to Janet Mosley’s comment on the supposedly damaging effects of wind turbines to the local economy (letters August 20), I would like to know on what basis she makes her claims?

Does she have hard evidence to show that the film or tourism industries will suffer as a result of any proposed wind farm? What large scale and viable renewable technologies would she propose as an alternative? Does she understand that all energy technologies are intermittent and that is why the National Grid relies on a mix of generation sources?

Many of the claims made by wind farm opponents are unsubstantiated. At the moment on-shore wind power is the most viable renewable technology that can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Popular surveys continually show large support for wind power, particularly in communities that already have wind farms. I think this shows that fear of change is the issue. Surveys show that tourists are not generally put off by wind farms. Parts of Wales which already have wind farms have a thriving tourism industry too.

Rather than being damaged by “misguided dogma”, the landscapes, wildlife and communities of Wales are threatened much more by the catastrophic effects of unhindered climate change.

British Wind Energy Association Wales Officer.

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 23/08/07