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Objectionable act

SIR Many things that the 1945 Attlee Government did are still controversial but one enactment stands as a shining beacon the Town and Country Planning Act that ensured that no building, no structure, no development of any kind could take place without the consent of the local people whom it might adversely affect.

People have been using these democratic powers to delay or even stop such things as pipelines, motorways, windmills and so on, all of which is bad news for those hoping to profit from them.

Now the Government is bowing to pressure from big business to bring in a law that will in effect prevent local people from objecting to any large development, no matter how seriously it may affect their wellbeing, their livelihoods or their quality of life.

Bayswater Road, Swansea.

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 20/08/07