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Alter Turbine Rules

SIR I have lived in Glyncorrwg in the Upper Afan Valley all my life. It is a pretty village which at present is enjoying a boom in tourism thanks to the mountain bike trails here.

Now we are being threatened with a wind farm, as Eco2 wants to erect four 410ft turbines on a mountain close to our village. It may not sound like many, but their height and position means they will be seen from every house in fact, they will be the first thing you will see as you approach the village.

My brother, who lives in Shetland, tells me that under Scottish planning rules, turbines have to be 2km from the nearest home, while here in Wales I believe it is 500m. Is this fair? I think the Scottish rule is much more considerate towards its inhabitants than ours is to us here.

The Welsh Assembly needs to sit up, take notice and change the rules here in Wales after all, we are the people who will have to live with them day in, day out. If we have to have wind farms, surely there are enough mountains where these turbines can be erected out of sight of communities.

Cymmer Road, Glyncorrwg, Port Talbot.

Newspaper: Western Mail and Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 07/07/07