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Villagers insulted

SIR People in Glyncorrwg feel upset and insulted. Like most people here, I learned by reading a notice on a lamp- post that ECO2 had applied for a wind farm for Glyncorrwg. Is this fair? This development by Cardiff-based ECO2 is for four 410ft-high turbines (some of the highest in Britain). It will have a devastating effect on our lives in Glyncorrwg.

In February 2006 (yes, I do mean 2006) ECO2 said they would consult residents on any revised plans before submitting an application. We believed this would happen. We expected information leaflets, a further exhibition and consultation on their plans. It has not happened and we feel angry at the way we have been treated.

Do you think it is right to read a notice on a lamppost about plans for a wind farm which will spoil our scenery and have serious effects on our lives? ECO2, of course, will make vast sums of money, but has not given us the courtesy of being informed or consulted in a civilised way.

We feel insulted by the way this firm is treating the people who live in Glyncorrwg, the village ECO2 wants to use to make money.

Glyncorrwg,Port Talbot.

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 29/05/07