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Turbines or tourism?

SIR - I was interested to see in your article "Gliding Merthyr" (February 8) that Rhodri Morgan has said that Merthyr Tydfil could become the hang-gliding capital of the world under plans to rejuvenate tourism in Wales.

Tourism forms a large part of the economy of Wales and I am happy that the Welsh Assembly Government is thinking of ways in which it can be encouraged - I hope across Wales, and I hope there will be something more substantial than consultants fees and reports on offer to assist this rejuvenation.

However, the Welsh Assembly Government is also committed (under its much-disputed and biased Technical Advice Note 8) to the encouragement of wind farms across Wales, especially in certain Strategic Search Areas marked out for large developments. One of these areas surrounds Merthyr Tydfil.

Hang-gliders and wind turbines do not mix. Neither do wind turbines and tourism. Or, for that matter, wind turbines and hot-air balloons, another growing activity and one from which South Wales could benefit, being so close to Bristol which is the UK capital of ballooning.

Rhodri Morgan is going to have to choose whether he wants a healthy tourism industry bringing income into Wales, or heavily-subsidised wind farms producing an intermittent and irregular supply of problematic electricity and delaying the introduction of alternative renewables without the drawbacks of wind.

Lluest Bach, Craig-Cefn-Parc, Swansea

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 14/02/07