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Gusts of energy

SIR - I gather that a small but dedicated group regularly write letters to this newspaper declaring their dislike of wind farms and suggesting that South Wales should apparently reject wind energy.

This is their right, of course. However, many Welsh politicians, planning inspectors, planning officers and local councillors have in recent years made carefully considered decisions to support wind energy projects. Also, public opinion surveys continue to show that the majority of the public are very concerned about global warming and support wind energy as part of the response to this looming environmental disaster.

Not surprisingly, therefore, figures for 2006 show that there was a significant increase in wind energy capacity in Wales, as well as in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Canada, the USA, Brazil, India, China and South Korea.

I hope that this adds a little perspective to the debate.

Director, Gamesa Energy UK,
Hazell Drive, Newport

Newspaper: Western Mail
Date: 27/01/07