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Wind farm prejudice

It never ceases to infuriate me, big companies waving the big green environment sword in the direction of saving the planet.

The reality is they are waving their big green sword at vulnerable communities and making huge amounts of money while they do it! Call me stupid, but I'm sure the wind also blows in Surrey and similar places, yet you never see wind farms in affluent areas... It's my understanding that the Gamesa boss lives in the Cotswolds. I could only find one (toy) turbine in the whole of the Cotswolds!

Surely it makes more sense for the big boss of Gamesa to prove he's no nimby by erecting hundreds all over his own back yard before he ruins ours.

Perhaps he'd like to inform us how many exhibitions he has arranged in his own area or how many planning applications his company has submitted.

Somehow you can't imagine 600ft turbines on the Cotswolds. Why should we have to have them here? Isn't that a form of discrimination, prejudice and harassment?

Glyncorrwg,Port Talbot.

Date: 05/04/07