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Wind farm fear

Mine eyes have seen the blighting of the Welsh and Scottish hills:
They are covered now with turbines, and the sight - it gives me chills;
They're the modern day equivalent of "dark satanic mills"
The windfarms marcheth on.

I have seen them on the skyline of a hundred upland sites;
They are built upon the moorland and in forests in the heights;
The wildlife lose their habitats, - don't animals have rights?
The windfarms marcheth on.

Official publications say our Country must go green:
Our CO2 emissions are the worst we've ever seen;
Methinks they try to justify decisions so obscene,
The windfarms marcheth on.

Now a hundred thousand trees or more are waiting for the pyre;
So eco-friendly windmills, feed your electric fire,
The logic really baffles me, the outcome will be dire,
The windfarms marcheth on.

The beauty of the countryside is yours and mine to see,
We are charged with its protection, every field and hill and tree:
For those of us who know this, on one thing we can agree,
The windfarms should be gone!

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Newspaper: Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 06/09/07