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Save energy not more generators

THE upper Afan Valley is likely to become the Land of the Wind Turbines.

We already have a wind farm in our area, above Abercregan 16 turbines each 300ft high. A planning application from Eco2 has been put in for a wind farm for Glyncorrwg four turbines each 410ft high.

The developers are queuing up to make money by using our valley to produce electricity.

It makes me so angry when I see so much electricity being wasted every day. This week I drove from Blaengwynfi through to Cymmer to Glyncorrwg. I counted 25 street lights on and it was midday!

These are three villages in the Upper Afan Valley, the same area being ruined by wind farms to produce electricity it just does not make sense.

We must not allow wind farm developers, in their greed for money, to ruin the beautiful landscapes of the Upper Afan Valley with turbines.

We should do everything we can to conserve energy. Common sense is needed.

Cymmer Road, Glyncorrwg.

Newspaper: Neath Port Talbot Guardian, Western Mail & Evening Post
Date: 05/07/07