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In a spin over turbine plan

Plans have been submitted for four wind turbines outside Glyncorrwg.

Cardiff-based Eco 2 has lodged plans for four 410ft high turbines for Corrwg Fechan Mountain.

But Glyncorrwg Action Group have attacked the proposals and say they are upset that the company did not hold a second exhibition for the residents, outlining their plans.

A letter was received by the chair of the group, Lindsay Milsom from Eco2, saying they 'intended to submit a planning application' and would like to arrange a meeting.

The letter was passed to group secretary Bob Slater who e-mailed Eco2 to arrange a meeting.

Shortly after this was sent, the group discovered that the application had already been submitted.

Bob Slater said: "We are deeply disappointed to find that Eco2 had submitted a planning application without meeting with our group.

"This firm has rushed in this application without showing courtesy to local people.

"This project will cause maximum damage to the landscape and will have minimal impact on producing electricity and in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

"We intend to fight this proposal with every means at our disposal."

A spokesman from Eco2 said the company had written to the action group informing them of their intention to submit the planning application for the wind farm, and to arrange to discuss the revised plans. The spokesman said this offer of a meeting remains open.

He pointed out that Eco2 had undertaken a full public consultation on its plans in January last year and had subsequently amended its plans.

"This process has not been rushed in any way and clearly shows how Eco2 has listened to the concerns of local people," said the spokesman.

"The current proposal has reduced the number of turbines from six to four and increased the distance of the turbines from the village, thereby significantly reducing any possible visual impact.

"The project will provide a significant amount of clean electricity and offers a considerable community benefit fund which, at the public meetings in January 2006 was considered by many to be a good opportunity for Glyncorrwg," he added.

Newspaper: Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 24/05/07