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Blame AM for all our wind farms

The number of wind farms in Wales far exceeds the density in the rest of the UK and, under TAN 8, it is proposed that 38 per cent of all Welsh wind farms be built in the Neath Port Talbot borough.

Why? Well, having watched HTV's Wales this Week on February 12, I now have the answer to this imbalance - Carwyn Jones AM.

He was unable, or unwilling, to concede any of the arguments put by local people against the proliferation of wind farms in our valleys. Like the landscape he is proposing to destroy, his arrogance was breathtaking - I thought I was watching an episode of Little Britain featuring Vicky Pollard.

I am confident the programme did not set out to portray Mr Jones as the champion of the wind farm developers at the expense of understanding his constituents but that is certainly how the minister for the environment, planning and countryside came across.

His contribution to the programme was to defend every point made by the developers, the coastal houses flooded in the Philippines and the inconvenience to himself due to the increase of traffic outside his house.

Like Mr Jones, I really do care about global warming. But unlike Mr Jones, I do not think the solution to averting one environmental disaster is by creating another. The solution to a global warming problem has to be a global solution - that is, every part of the UK and every country must take its share of the responsibility.

I hope the electorate betrayed by Carwyn Jones will vent their anger at the ballot box on May 3.

Blaennant Street, Dyffryn Rhondda, Port Talbot

Newspaper: Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 22/02/07