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A valley poem

Who are we?

We live in Glyncorrwg.

It's the Land of our Fathers.

We love our scenery - the mountains, the rivers, the light, the moon and stars at night.

It's the Land of our Fathers.

We love walking the mountain paths, following the river, watching the sun rise and set. We love watching the colours change from spring, through summer to glorious autumn until winter brings frost and snow.

We love the Land of our Fathers.

And who are YOU?

You are the wind farm developers earning big salaries. You come from somewhere else.

You've noticed our hills, so ripe for your developments.

You will make lots of money by covering our hills with ugly turbines.

Who cares about us, the people who live here?

Who will help us protect the Land of our Fathers for future generations?

Do YOU care? Will YOU help us?

Cymmer Road, Glyncorrwg

Newspaper: Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 15/02/07