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Unfair share of wind farms

I respond to the letter from Mr Partridge (Guardian, February 1) regarding wind energy in Wales.

Oh dear, he really has missed the point. As one of the 'small but dedicated group who declare their dislike to wind farms' I would like to clarify some points he made.

It is true that a small number of people have written to the Guardian - but we represent the majority of local people.

In his attempt to add perspective to the debate he lists a number of countries aligned to wind energy, fundamental to this debate he has missed off the most important place - the Afan Valley - our home.

We already have 16 turbines on our doorstep contributing to clean energy and so his allegation that we are suggesting South Wales should reject wind energy is spurious and mischievous.

The principle that underpins democracy in this country is fairness and respect. Mr Partridge fails to respect our opposition to accepting a disproportionate share of wind turbines - 38 per cent of all wind turbines in Wales, is this fair?

Mr Partridge is not alone in airing his concern about global warming, we all share his fears. Our argument is that all parts of the UK should share the burden.

If he is so concerned about the 'looming environmental disaster', how much pressure is he putting on government to encourage the polluters of the planet - China, India and US?

Efforts in this direction would have a much greater effect on reducing carbon emissions - but, of course, these measures would not boost the profits of his company.

I challenge the director of Gamesa to publicly acknowledge:

That he understands the anxiety his proposals are having on our residents.

That he accepts it is unfair that this borough has to bear 38 per cent of all wind farms in Wales.

That he will visit this area and meet with residents and prove he is a responsible director, concerned about the impact his company's proposals will have on this valley and not hide behind his desk in an office many miles away.

Duffryn Street, Duffryn Rhondda, Port Talbot

Newspaper: Neath Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 08/02/07