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Eco2, we want to meet you

Open letter to David Williams, managing director of Eco2.

Dear Mr Williams,

The Glyncorrwg Action Group has asked me to contact you.

We were very disappointed to hear that you are applying for planning permission for four turbines on Corrwg Fechan. This is despite the fact that most local people, along with our AM and MP, oppose this project.

I accuse you of keeping us in the dark since you submitted your first proposal in January 2006.

This is another example of treating local people with contempt. Through its poor consultation process, Spanish-owned firm Gamesa has recently also misled many local people. You are dumping something here that others do not want.

Many windfarm developers now think they have the right to trample over the Welsh landscape at will, and that they can buy off communities with offers of cash.

You have consistently failed to answer questions about this development and have not answered emails from members of our organisation. You are receiving millions of pounds from the public purse for a variety of projects. You should be more accountable and provide answers.

Why are you so secretive? Is there something to hide?

It is very difficult to get hard information about this development, which will ruin this village, cause some people to move and deter others from living here. In short, it will undermine the viability of this small community.

We asked last year for a meeting with our Action Group but you only responded after two letters, one on February 26 and the other on February 28. In your reply of April 4 from Chris Williams, director of projects to the chair Lindsay Milsom you said:

'...we will ensure that the Glyncorrwg Action Group is notified of our revised plans as soon as we have clarified how to take the project forward. At that time we would be happy to meet nominated representatives of your group to discuss the proposal.'

Why has this not happened? We only found out about your proposal when we contacted the planning department on another matter. Were you considering applying for planning permission without consulting local people?

Will you provide us with further information? Will you organise an exhibition with photo montages and a scale model so we can get an indication of how this will look in the village. Some people will have 400ft turbines near their homes.

How can a sound opinion be formed without this kind of consultation?

Eco2 met with local people affected by a windfarm proposal on December 13 in Carmarthenshire. Would you please extend the same courtesy to us?

We also believe you should meet with our MP and our AM to brief them on the proposals. I am sending a copy of the above to them asking our MP to refer this matter to the DTI, and our AM to refer this to the Welsh Assembly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Spokesman, Glyncorrwg Action Group

Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 25/01/07