Glyncorrwg Action Glyncorrwg


As most of us already know, the Afan Valley has become the victim of wind farm developers who hover over us like vultures ready to pounce.

We are not against renewable energy in the valley, as we already have a wind farm in Abercregan with 17 wind turbines generating enough electricity for the whole of the Upper Afan Valley.

We are now faced with a new development of 10 turbines in Croeserw, and four in Glyncorrwg with turbines twice the size of Abercregan turbines and less than half a mile from people's homes.

People should realise the health implications of having these turbines so close to our homes.

Firstly the noise of having them so close will be like having a car constantly running at forty miles per hour, and that's just for one turbine.

For those people who think they don't make any noise take a walk up to Abercregan wind farm - I can assure you there is a noise. They are being built on mountains that have been well mined, so who knows if our mountains can hold these steel monsters.

People of the Afan Valley need to be concerned - it will be like living in the valley of the moving mountains.

We need to join together and fight against the new wind farm proposal, as each and every one of us will be affected by these turbines being so close to our homes, and ruining the scenery that we all love so much.

Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 25/01/07