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Hain's 'serious reservations' over sites

Neath mp Peter Hain, who is an unapologetic advocate for wind farms, said he still has 'serious reservations' about the TAN 8 document that will determine where the turbines will be placed in Neath Port Talbot.

In a statement Mr Hain said that while he believes the borough would be a location for further wind farm projects, he called for them to be in 'environmentally appropriate places'.

On the revelation that the maps that formed the basis of TAN 8 are among the least detailed produced by Ordnance Survey, Mr Hain said: 'This appears to confirm my serious reservations about the TAN 8 plans.

'I remain a supporter of wind power as the most cost-effective and current renewable energy technology.

'The alternative is nuclear power, which is very unpopular for reasons I fully understand.

'And Neath should - and, I am sure, will - have more wind turbines in environmentally appropriate places.

'But the TAN 8 map gave the impression that Neath Port Talbot's valley tops would be carpeted in wind turbines. That was never the intention and I would have opposed it anyway. Now we have more ammunition to do so.'

Despite being a wind farm supporter, Mr Hain admitted last year at the opening of the Ffynnon Oer wind farm between Resolven and Croeserw that: 'TAN 8 was clumsily handled and it looked like every mountain in Neath Port Talbot would have a wind farm upon it, and that is not the case.'

Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 18/01/07