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Turbines make us thickest place in UK

We already have 16 turbines here, now there are plans for another 14, with some measuring up to 603 metres high. We are told they are among the biggest in the world. There are also plans for even more turbines in the future.

Why doesn't the Welsh Assembly give the young people in our valley the chance to work - they have had enough time to do so.

The Assembly also give permission for the open-cast mining of coal in Merthyr for 14 years, what are they going to do with this coal - paint it green before they burn it?

I strongly urge the people of our Afan Valley to fight against this decision by the Welsh Assembly, who have forgotten why they were put in to power. May I remind them - it's to give our people a better quality of life, jobs for our young ones so they then can take a pride in themselves and their families and, most importantly, don't sell our beloved Wales.


Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 18/01/07