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No more turbines

I respond to claims made by Gamesa Energy UK that contributors to the Guardian letters page have made 'exaggerated and misinformed' judgements.

Matt Partridge and Simon Pipkin have clearly exhausted reasoned arguments and replaced them with fear tactics and statistical data.

From them we read of dire warnings to the people of Wales, including cracks in boiler tubes in nuclear power stations, sea level rises, increased storm activity, global warming, impact on tourism and so on.

Matt Partridge bamboozles us with figures designed to inform (or confuse). I quote from his letter: 100 per cent, 70 per cent, 5 TWN, 1,000,000, 6.3 TWN, 2005, 53.6 per cent and 80-85 per cent.

I do not know most of the contributors to the letters page, I suspect they are honest, sincere and genuine people. They share a common goal - to preserve this beautiful valley.

Despite all the rhetoric and noble ideals expounded by Gamesa, its goal is to make money.

Mr Partridge accuses us of distortion, exaggeration and misinforming. I can speak with honesty and from first-hand experience that Gamesa has, intentionally or unwittingly, duped the residents of this valley. Take care Mr Partridge not to adopt the same tactics you are condemning us for.

We all 'cherry pick' information to suit our case and for every argument for, or against, wind power there will be a counter argument.

What I do know is that a 600ft turbine built on top of a 600ft hill is not acceptable to those living in its shadow, and for this valley to bear a disproportionate share of wind turbines is insulting.

If the argument for wind energy can be made, then the whole of the UK should bear the burden.

We already have a wind farm on our doorstep, this is our contribution and so, to Mr Partridge who understands figures so well, I will quote a figure to him - 0. No more turbines in the Afan Valley.

Duffryn Street, Duffryn Rhondda, Port Talbot

Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 11/01/07