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Ode to the wind farms

Wind turbines, 14 of them 600ft high - 100ft taller than Blackpool Tower - are proposed for the Upper Afan Valley.

I live in Glyncorrwg, and if this proposal is accepted we shall see the destruction of our beautiful scenery. This poem is my message to the Spanish-owned developer, Gamesa.

Ode To The Wind farms

We don't want your ugly windmills
Clutt'ring up our fields of green,
We prefer to see our Welsh hills,
Not machines that look obscene.
Whirring, stirring, winding, grinding,
What a dreadful noise to hear!
In this vale we will be finding
Things we hate and come to fear.
Take your bribes and metal robots
Why not dump them in the sea?
We would rather be the 'have-nots'
And protect our scenery!

Heol yr Afan, Glyncorrwg

Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 11/01/07