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We do need renewables

I am pleased to respond to the questions asked by Ioan Richard (Guardian, December 28).

The most recent and present proposals for wind farms in the Upper Afan Valley are not acceptable as they are unduly intrusive on local communities.

Other letters on your Readers' Letters page point out that 300ft to 600ft turbines are being proposed well within a mile of communities such as Glyncorrwg and Croeserw. It is for this reason that I am opposed to these developments.

It has never been suggested that it would be possible to run the Port Talbot steelworks on renewal energy alone. Allied to greatly improved energy efficiency, however, we need to generate a bigger proportion of our energy requirements from renewable sources if we are to tackle climate change.

The recent Stern Review has confirmed that the window of opportunity to tackle global warming is very small. If we miss it, our natural heritage here in Wales and our global wellbeing will be irreversibly lost.


Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 11/01/07