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Turbines and people don't mix

We continue to read letters from parties concerned about the proposed Llynfi Valley Energy Park to be sited at Croeserw and Glyncorrwg - both in the Afan Valley - as well as letters from the proposed developers decrying our appeals against these wind farms.

Their replies always seem to indicate that we are against clean, efficient, renewable energy, but the simple answer is we are not against any form of clean, efficient, renewable energy.

What we fear is the position of these huge turbines that would be sited so close to homes and would lead to the ruin of the valley we live in.

The UK as a whole has vast areas of virtually uninhabited mountains on which large wind farms would go unnoticed - out of sight and sound.

Of course, we realise they would never be sited on the Brecon Beacons, the Cairngorms or the Pennines - it would affect the beauty of these well known areas - but to us, the people of the Afan Valley, the valleys of Wales have as much beauty and deserve the same consideration.

We strive to keep these giant turbines well away from all areas where people live. No one should have to open their curtains to be confronted by these unsightly and enormous turbines. All proposed sites should be out of sight and earshot of the inhabitants of any area.

The people of Neath Port Talbot should join together to question our elected representatives at the Assembly over their TAN 8 policy and its effect on our borough.

To the people at Gamesa and other developers we say: take more care over the areas you plan to develop - there are people living there.

(Glyncorrwg Action Group)
Greenmeadow, Glyncorrwg

Newspaper: Port Talbot Guardian
Date: 11/01/07