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Help us fight turbines

Your article on Afan Forest Park (Post, August 15) was of great interest to me as I was one of the founders of the bike trails in the area.

I remain involved both in maintaining the current trails and building new trails. I take pride in what has been achieved in the 10 years since we built the first trail by hand and then later with sponsorship, we were able to bring in machines to construct the later trails. Soon a new section of trail will open as part of the Whites Level.

However, some of these trails which are the great mountain bike tourism attraction in the valley are under threat from the proposed windfarm development.

If all the turbines planned are built, it will have a disastrous effect on tourism, especially mountain biking, and on those of us who live in the regenerated valley.

Having contacted the Assembly with my concerns, I was surprised to learn that the Assembly has no powers over Westminster on the environment.

Therefore, central government can dictate local developments despite the groundswell of public opinion and the opposition of the local council.

Please join in the fight to save the new-found popularity of the Afan Valley for tourism which is threatened by wind farm development as are surounding valleys including Llynfi, Dulais and Neath.

R Jones
Twyn y Gored, Cwmavon.

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 21/08/07