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Turbines are like Mines

In 1959, Alexander Cordell wrote Rape of the Fair Country, in which he describes how the ironmasters and coal owners plundered their way through the valleys of Wales.They built huge ovens in our villages and dug holes in the ground for men, women and even children to go down and get out coal.

Yes - children. My own father was only 12 years of age when he was sent down the pit.

The people were owned by the masters; and all in the name of progress and prosperity. How many millionaire miners do you know? The mines and the ironworks have now gone, but look at the legacy; rusting pit-head gear, mountains full of coal-tips and old men fighting for breath.

Well here we are with Rape of the Fair Country (mark II). Now we have faceless people in suits who want to spoil our villages and valleys by erecting enormous wind turbines in our backyards and on our mountains.

Again, it is in the name of progress and prosperity.

Who will prosper from them?

The firms which installed them and the money-grabbing, penny-pinching farmers whose land they want to put them on! Wind farms are an easy way of making money.

They have not even been proved to be efficient. If it was found necessary to have these turbines for renewable energy, why not locate them in the sea?

What are we going to do about these farms? Get on to your MPs, Assembly Members, local councillors and all the other bodies involved. Tell them that you are opposed to these things coming here.

Wake up Wales; there is a wind farm coming near you! Get together and stop them!

Pantile Row, Glyncorrwg, Port Talbot.

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 14/06/07