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Picture was misleading

I was interested to see your newspaper used a picture taken from Rhos provided by Res Ltd, the developer of the proposed windfarm on Mynydd March Hywell.It is not always obvious that these photo-montages, using a fish-eye lens, trees in the foreground etc, fail to show the real impact of 11 proposed, 417ft wind turbines (the height of a 30-storey building - 30ft short of the London Eye).

Maybe a fish-eye lens gives less than the whole picture!

For the Res spokesperson to claim that visitors' reaction to the exhibition in Rhos was positive, requires a vivid imagination, since a survey taken by residents of people found leaving found roughly half expressed opposition to the development.

Lletty Philip Farm, Rhos Pontardawe, Swansea

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 12/02/07