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United 'no' is needed

I Live in Croeserw. I had beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.Now I cringe at the view from the rear of my home, 16 gigantic wind turbines like something out of a science fiction film on the Abercregan Mountain.

To make matters worse, the Spanish company, Gamesa, plans to erect 10 turbines on the mountains to the front of my house - nearly twice the size of the ones already standing, the largest in Europe. There will be another four this size on Glyncorrwg Mountain, which is to the rear right of my house. Croeserw and Cymmer will be surrounded by wind turbines.

The people of the valleys must unite and say no to this rape of our beautiful countryside.

Eastern Avenue, Cymmer, Port Talbot.

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 25/01/07