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Assembly Lib Dem Leader Mike German says he wants Wales to obtain all its electricity from renewable sources - he specified wind, solar and tidal - by the year 2050. How does he hope to achieve that, when not one of the three renewable forms can generate electricity 24/7?

Tidal is by far the best renewable source, but even that cannot generate when tide levels are unsuitable. Solar is capable of generating in daylight, and then at a very variable and limited output, especially in winter when electricity demand peaks.

Wind energy is hopelessly unreliable, due to the extreme vagaries of the wind. It has to be continually backed by fossil fuels or nuclear.

Mike German's "brave new Wales" would be incapable of powering any reliable industrial production.

Ex-music teacher Mr German will have composed a death march for the country which once led the world into the Industrial Revolution.

Clyn yr Ynys, Gwbert, Cardigan

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 19/01/07