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Valley is in jeopardy

I Left the Afan Valley in the late 1960s, at the age of 16, to pursue my career. The valley I left was dirty, unhealthy, polluted and scarred by the mining industry. However, this deprivation had a very positive consequence - it nurtured a deep sense of belonging, loyalty and caring for one another.I took early retirement due to ill-health and returned to my birthplace to find the valley recovering from decades of neglect and industrial exploitation. The air and water is clean, the slag heaps removed, the scenery is beautiful and, most importantly, the inhabitants of this valley feel good about living here. We find families from other areas are investing in property and building new houses, something that has not happened since the coal industry was developed. Confidence has been restored and most of the inhabitants are showing great pride in their locality.

I find it incredulous that all this is now in jeopardy at the hands of wind farm developers and landowners. We are being bullied into acceptance by dire warnings from the developers, and if these tactics fail they bribe us with 9750 per annum for the Corrwg Fechan proposal. What percentage of their profits does this amount to? The landowners that have, in the past, been paid grants and subsidies for being responsible stewards of the countryside are now going to be paid to ruin it.

I believe a figure of 92,000 per annum is being offered to those affected by the Gamesa Application in Cymmer and Glyncorrwg. 12,000 householders deemed to be affected by the proposal were invited to their exhibitions. This equates to 7.60 per household. Of course, this figure will increase greatly if we have 38 per cent of all the wind farms in Wales. We could become the most prosperous area where nobody will want to live. Why does the Assembly seek to impose so many turbines on us? Is it because we have put up with so much in the past that we do not care now? Or is it because they think we are "twp"? The planners and the politicians should not attempt to avert global warming by inflicting a catastrophe on this valley. Why remove the slag heaps to consign us to the scrap heap?

Duffryn Street, Duffryn Rhondda

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 19/01/07