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More investment in public transport

I read with amazement the news of the increases in bus fares announced by First Cymru. This follows the news of increases in train fares announced recently.Already we have some of the most expensive public transport in Europe, and this will make it even more expensive and discourage many from using trains and buses.

Using public transport should be encouraged as it is one way of reducing carbon emissions. More investment by the Assembly in public transport would bring quicker results in reducing carbon emissions than the ridiculous plans by Spanish firm Gamesa to build 14 600ft wind turbines in the upper Afan Valley.

These in some cases will be half a mile from people's houses. Would anyone like a turbine of this height close to their home? Let's have some fair play and ditch the flawed Tan 8 policy on wind farms and preserve our beautiful landscape.

Glyncorrwg Action Group, Port Talbot

Newspaper: South Wales Evening Post
Date: 13/01/07