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Glyncorrwg Action Group
Wind Farm News Feb/March 2007

Glyncorrwg Action Group was set up in 1994 to fight against a large wind farm proposed for Glyncorrwg. We fought hard with community support and we won that fight! We believe that if we had not continued fighting we would now be surrounded by wind turbines. This newsletter is to keep you informed.

ECO2 plan to build 4 turbines each 410 feet high on Corrwg Fechan behind Old Stone Row.

Gamesa plan for 4 turbines 603 feet high on Blaencorrwg behind Cymmer Road and 10 turbines 603 feet high on Gelli Mountain in Cymmer/Croeserw.

NO APPLICATION HAS SO FAR BEEN MADE. A public meeting will be called if this happens.

We are not against renewable energy but we must protect our area from the TAN8 proposals. This plan from the Welsh Assembly means that 38% of all the turbines needed for Wales could be built in the Neath Port Talbot area.
This is totally unfair and it would ruin our landscape and our hopes to develop tourism.

Most people are now recycling, use low energy light bulbs and have good loft insulation etc.
If you have any ideas on how we can save more energy or any ideas to generate electricity from renewable sources other than wind farms, we would be pleased to hear from you.

THANKS to all our supporters who signed our petition, give us money, deliver leaflets, write letters to newspapers, ECO2 & Gamesa, attend meetings, give us newspaper cuttings, put up notices, raise funds and run our website.

THANKS to Brian Gibbons AM and to Hywel Francis MP from whom we have had tremendous support. Hywel Francis is working with us to designate our valley as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If this can be done, we could be protected from ugly, industrial wind farm developments.


AMBULANCES : We protested very strongly about the proposed move of the Ambulances from Cymmer. Thanks to everyone who fought against this with Cllr Glyn Rawlings, Hywel Francis MP and particularly Brian Gibbons AM to defeat the proposal. The Ambulances will now be based in the Fire Station in Cymmer. IT IS GREAT NEWS!

SPECTACLES : Thanks to everyone who has been giving glasses to the Action Group's boxes in shops and the Health Centre. 402 pairs have been sent to help people in developing countries. Keep them coming!

Following the success of last years event, we are holding another one this year. Brenda Poulton & Jennifer Thomas are organising this & would love to hear from those who can help in any way. The money raised will be used to fight off the wind farms. Look in the shops for the date, time etc. Come and support the Campaign.

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