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The Eco2 Application

With the arrival of TAN8 proposals, we realised the serious implications for our area. We have reformed the Action group and we are working hard to fight against a proposal by Eco2, a Cardiff based firm, for 4 turbines 410 feet high for farmland at Corrwg Fechan very near to houses in Glyncorrwg. We are not opposed to renewable energy and not opposed to wind farms if they are acceptable to the local community. What we are opposed to is where big business forces a wind farm on a community.

Before anyone accuses us of NIMBYISM, we have a wind farm in our backyard. This is the Npower’s Ffynnon Oer wind farm a few miles from Glyncorrwg and highly visible from all our access roads. This wind farm, comprising16 x 300 feet turbines, has been dumped on an upland area near to one of the most disadvantaged areas in the UK. The Cymmer ward is eighth in the Multiple Deprivation index of 865 wards for Wales; it also has the highest levels of ill health in England and Wales. Wind farm developers seem to plan their projects where they think there will be the least resistance. As in 1993/5 we intend to fight a strong campaign using every means at our disposal. If there is any justice in this world we will win!

Objections to the Eco2 Application

  • Most people in Glyncorrwg do not want the landscape destroyed and there is great concern about the impact on tourism which we are trying to develop. We do not believe wind farms attract tourists, we think they deter them. Voluntary groups and individuals have worked hard to try to regenerate Glyncorrwg for visitors who love the peace and wild beauty of our hills. Wind farms will not help these developments.
  • This area has suffered enough. For over a hundred years Glyncorrwg and the surrounding area paid enormous sacrifices in coal mining. The local landscape was seriously affected and many people suffered ill health from working in the mines. Now just as the scars are healing we are being asked once more to sacrifice the local landscape for the energy needs of the country.
  • We are not convinced about the viability of wind turbines and we see this as an opportunity for companies to make even more money by imposing these industrial installations on small vulnerable communities.
  • The proposed percentage of wind energy that this area will produce under TAN8 will have devastating effects on the landscape. Surely the disproportionate contribution that our area will be making is totally unfair. Glyncorrwg is identified as being a ward of high deprivation which needs a lot of support in what it is trying to achieve. We are listed at 24 out of 865 wards in the Multiple Deprivation index for Wales. This will not help this community but place a greater burden on it and a strain on individuals many of whom are elderly or suffering ill health.
  • What has happened as a result of TAN8 is that developers are now hovering over the area like vultures. There is now a free for all. According to Neath Port Talbot CBC, many firms have expressed an interest in placing wind farms in the council area. It seems that at least six of the proposals relate to Glyncorrwg and environs, one is for 94 turbines. The landscape of Wales is being bought and sold by developers many of whom are based in Europe, for example, Cefn Croes wind farm is owned by Falck based in Milan.
  • The turbines under this Eco2 proposal will be bigger than Big Ben and as high as the London Eye. A petition against the proposal has been circulated and a majority of people in the village have signed. Many visitors while supporting renewable energy are supporting our petition because they can see the effect it will have on our community. Many politicians and civil servants talk about wind energy but have they thought about the effects it has on a small vulnerable community?