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Our Campaign

Our main concerns are:

  • It will spoil an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Wind farms are ugly, inefficient and will spoil the wild beautiful areas around the village.
  • It will undermine the attempts by residents, the local authority and other bodies to regenerate the local community after decades of decline.
  • It will undermine work done to encourage tourism through the Glyncorrwg Pond project and mountain biking. This project has been established by local people to attract tourists, mainly for mountain biking. Recently one of the bike trails was hailed as one of the most popular in the UK.A considerable amount of public money and voluntary effort has gone into making this project a success.
  • There is also concern about the effects on house prices, TV reception and wildlife, especially rare birds.
  • Many people feel that others will be deterred from visiting or moving to Glyncorrwg.
  • Concern has also been expressed about the effects on health, (for more information see The Daily Telegraph 25.1.2004). Many individuals have been affected by this development and case studies can be provided if required.
  • Developers offer community gain which is one of the devices offering incentives which divide the community and blind people to the fact that short-term gain can lead to long term losses of our beautiful landscape. In this disadvantaged community this has swayed some people into accepting the unacceptable. Farmers who have lost income see wind farms as a meal ticket. Our fight against the wind farm developers is one of David against Goliath, big business against small vulnerable communities.

We believe:

  • Glyncorrwg needs support and protection from the Welsh Assembly Government not labelling as a ‘strategic area’ under a plan, which will seriously spoil the future development of this area.
  • There needs to be an independent review of the TAN8 proposals.
  • These developments should be more equally distributed within Wales and throughout the UK
  • There should be more guidance on how close wind farms can be to houses, at the present time according to the Welsh Assembly a turbine can be as near as 500 metres from a house. This is totally unacceptable.
  • Measures should be introduced to prevent the free for all by developers, that is taking place in areas such as Glyncorrwg.
  • Strict guidelines need to be introduced on community benefits.
  • There should be stricter guidelines on consultation between the communities affected and wind farm developers.
  • Help should be provided to anti wind farm groups to combat the ruination of their area. This is a David v Goliath situation.
  • The role of the Forestry Commission needs to be clarified with regard to the Welsh Assembly.
  • The Wales Tourist Board now says, 'Proposals should demonstrate that there should be no detrimental effect on tourism.' In view of our efforts for the development of tourism in the Upper Afan Valley, this proposal will be detrimental to our future.
  • A moratorium should be called on any new developments to assess the viability of existing wind farms. Wales has contributed more than its fair share of energy from wind sources.

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